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Todd E. Grime, M.D

Gracious, knowledgeable and reassuring. Great experience with the doctor.

-Julie Bogart

Dr. Grime was knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt. I would recommend him and OrthoCincy to others.

-Landon Yowell

Seen Dr. Grime about my neck pain that has bothered me for years. It was getting much worse. After Dr. Grime viewed the x-rays of my neck, he believes the problem was muscular. I’m doing the neck exercises and medication he prescribed. My neck is getting better. I’ve not needed Ibuprofen for neck pain since my office visit.

-Self-verified patient of Dr. Todd E Grime

I find this place very efficient and well run. The staff is very kind and courteous. I never have to wait and have always been called at the time of my appointment. I feel that I’ve been providing with excellent care.

-Self-verified patient of Dr. Todd E Grime

I was so impressed by this practice! From the minute I arrived until I left, everyone was so friendly, professional and made me feel great. I previously did not have this experience in another office. I went from consultation to X-ray, to Dr. and a shot! Which helped my pain immediately. Sent home with simple instructions to stretch and a hug from the doc….. i will call him anytime i have a concern, b/c I know he will listen.

-Self-verified patient of Dr. Todd E Grime

Dr. Grime is one of the most pleasant and comforting doctor. I’ve been to. I left feeling he is very capable and will solve any issues I need.

-Self-verified patient of Dr. Todd E Grime

He made sure I had the information that I needed to start on the path to recovery for my elbow problem. He’s also really nice!

-Self-verified patient of Dr. Todd E Grime