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CINCINNATI, OhioTim Kremchek knows elbows.

In his three-decades as an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kremcheck – the co-founder of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine – has performed more than 3,000 Tommy John elbow repair surgeries, including dozens of the procedures on the arms of Major League Baseball pitchers.

According to the Score, Dr. Kremchek ranks sixth all-time in Tommy John surgeries on pro baseball players. Bleacher Report has recognized him as one of the top surgeons in baseball.

So, when he predicts that MLB pitcher Wade Miley will pitch again in the major leagues, Dr. Kremchek is drawing on his vast experience and deep expertise in treating professional hurlers.

“I feel confident right now that Wade Miley will pitch again,” said Dr. Kremchek, who performed a mid-May Tommy John procedure on the 37-year-old Milwaukee Brewers left-hander. “He has the mental juice in the tank – he’s a really smart pitcher – and now that his elbow is repaired, he can still be a really good pitcher for a few more years.”

Miley, a 12-year MLB veteran, shares Dr. Kremchek’s hope and optimism.

“I can still pitch,” said Miley, who since the surgery has been rehabbing and working out at his alma mater of Southeastern Louisiana University, located in his hometown of Hammond, LA.

“I’m not a fireballer. I’m not chasing velocity,” Miley continued. “I know I have to pace myself to come back. I’m a competitor, and now that I’ve had the surgery and I know what I need to do, my competitive juices are flowing. Dr. Kremchek has made it possible for me to pitch again.”

In a routine Tommy John procedure, Dr. Kremchek replaces a damaged ligament in the elbow with a tendon from another part of the body. But for Miley, Dr. Kremchek utilized a more complex hybrid procedure.

“It’s like a belt and suspenders,” Dr. Kremchek said. “I do the regular Tommy John, but then I insert a collagen-braided brace to support the elbow. It allows Wade to work on strengthening the arm without putting too much stress on the ligament. It is a little sturdier and it gives security to older pitches that have had some tissue loss.”

“It’s not a procedure for everybody, usually just for highly performing pitchers who are playing in the major league,” he said.

Dr. Kremchek and Miley got to know one another when Miley was playing for the Cincinnati Reds in 2020 and 2021. Dr. Kremchek spent more than 25 years as the team’s physician and continues to consult on cases and treat players.

Miley said he did not hesitate when Dr. Kremchek suggested the hybrid approach.

“I know from my time with Cincinnati, and from other players around the league, that Doc Kremchek is the best,” Miley said. “And not just because he is such a skilled surgeon. He really knows how to handle his patients. He’s there for you before, during and after.”

Miley said Dr. Kremchek did an excellent job explaining the procedure to him and his family. Miley’s family traveled with him to Cincinnati for the surgery, and even watched it from Beacon’s viewing room.

“He doesn’t mess around,” Miley said of Dr. Kremchek. “He’s honest about what is going on. He called me every day for weeks after the procedure to check on me and to see how I was doing. He answered all my questions. He’s there for you. He’s the best at what he does, and that’s why I wanted to be treated by him.”

Dr. Kremchek said he is honored that even though Miley is no longer with the Reds, he chose him to perform his surgery.

“I’ve always tried to develop relationships with the players, so when you have to operate on a player, he has the understanding and belief that I’m there to help him out,” Dr. Kremchek said. “For Wade Miley to come back after being away from Cincinnati for a few years really means a lot to me.”

Miley said he and Dr. Kremchek “hit it off” during his time with the Reds. The two share a love of golf, and Miley even introduced Dr. Kremchek to a Louisiana delicacy – fried alligator.

“He always joked about being from the swamps,” Dr. Kremchek said. “Well, he had some alligator sent to the Reds, and we fried it up at the ballpark. It was a little gamey, a little tough, but it was okay. I never had it before that, and I haven’t had it sense. But I have a new respect for alligators when I see them while I’m playing golf in Florida.”

Miley said his rehab is going well and that he feels great. “It already feels like it’s getting back to normal,” he said.

Kremchek has performed Tommy John surgery on dozens of professional pitchers, including four pitchers now with the Reds.

“My job is protecting the players, and that’s from the big leagues down to little league, so guys can fulfill their dreams of playing baseball,” Dr. Kremchek said. “That means educating pitchers about their arms, watching to make sure they aren’t throwing too hard, throwing too many curve balls, throwing too many innings.”

“So, when I can help a guy like Wade Miley continue to play, continue to chase and live his dream, I feel like I’m contributing, like I’m part of a team,” he said. “When guys get injured like Wade, they’ve hit a wall. It’s my job to help them go on.”

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