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Orthobiologics Spine Care – Dr. Brannan

John Brannan, M.D.

Dr. John Brannan was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a proud graduate of St. Xavier High School. After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Brannan earned his medical degree from the University of Toledo. He went on to complete his internship at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. Dr. Brannan settled in the Queen City for good after his residency at University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Brannan currently serves as an orthopedic consult for Lakota West, providing medical coverage at athletic events, as well as providing preventative care. With his specialties, he is able to recognize the severity of back, neck, and head injuries (including concussions) in young athletes, as well as provide assistance to trainers in preventing common sports related injuries.


Physiatry is a medical specialty which involves diagnosing and treating orthopaedic and neurological disorders. Physiatrists are involved with every phase of a patient’s orthopaedic illness-from onset to recovery. As a physiatrist Dr. Brannan treats patients of all ages with non-surgical treatments.  His special interests include clinical spine medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation, electrodiagnosis (EMG), sports concussions and

orthobiologics. Dr. Brannan is the only physician in the region treating patients with Regenexx™ stem cell and platelet injections (platelet injections) procedures for the spine. Please contact 513-389-3623 or [email protected] for more information on regenerative treatment options for your spine.

Dr. John Brannan currently provides care at Beacon's West, Batesville, and Summit Woods (Sharonville) locations.

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