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Michael T. Rohmiller, M.D.

I am just over five weeks post-op from a fusion at L5S1 and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I still have a way to go in my recovery, but the pre-surgery pain from spondylolisthesis and a pars fracture is completely gone. Dr. Rohmiller and his assistant, Charlie, lead a talented, attentive, and professional Team; overall care is as good as it can be. Additionally, the Spine Center at Christ Hospital, where Dr. Rohmiller performed my surgery, is a top-notch medical facility and they made me as comfortable as I could be during my three-day, post-operative stay. I highly recommend Dr. Rohmiller.

-Angela C.

Dr. Rohmiller and the staff work like a well-oiled machine but with great personal detail and compassion! All other medical offices could take a lesson from them!!! I am thankful to have their team looking out for my health!!

-Holly R.

One year ago today (7/21/16) Dr. Rohmiller performed an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with fusion surgery on me! Thanks to him and his team, my neck is pain free and I have my life back!! Thank you so much!!!

-Karla H.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Rohmiller for his fantastic work with my wife and the friends that I have referred. Anybody who knows Mike can attest to his patience, understanding and, above all, dexterity with his hands. I highly recommend Doc Rohmiller to anyone having back or neck pain. Thanks!


I had spine surgery at Christ Hospital two weeks ago By Dr. Rohmiller and his staff. What a great group of Doctors and nurses. The nurses that took care of me were top notch and I couldn’t be any more pleased. Thank you all so much for your caring and cheerful attitudes.


I had a very severe case of spondylolistheses grade 4 by the time I found out about Dr Rohmiller. I had seen a few other doctors, all who are great and highly qualified but I continued to shy away from surgery because of the personal factor that you do not always get with doctors. The moment I met Dr Rohmiller I pretty much knew I would feel comfortable with putting the surgery that was inevitable in his hands. He had a few ideas that made complete sense for my individual case and hd made md feel like a person that mattered not just another patient! His ultimate goal was for me to return to my life as I knew it before and I’m almost there. I would recommend Dr Rohmiller over any other doctor because he is patienate, proficient, and very committed to his profession. Definitely a doctor with that little something extra that most patients are looking for.


Dr. Rohmiller is a God send. He did surgery on my back which we weren’t sure would work. I was in very bad shape. I could barely walk because the pain was so excruciating so we took the risk. I’m now walking pain free, and able to be walk upright. I would like to say Thank You to him and the awesome physical therapy center for all they have done for me!


I have never been to a surgeon like Dr. Rohmiller. He treats you like you are a friend, not a burden. He does not talk down to you. He will treat you wholly and will take all the time you need to feel comfortable. So highly recommended…I do not usually take the time to write these but I feel I need to tell the world about Michael Rohmiller.

-Former Patient

Dr. Rohmiller did my surgery in December of 2008. The long term results are just perfect! My husband and I have been traveling and doing so many things we just couldn’t do before. He is a great,caring, and patient man. The staff was always accomodating and informative. Dr. Rohmiller even went to bat for me when my insurance kept billing me for something that they shouldn’t have. I have recommended Dr. Rohmiller to many people who have issues with their back because I know personally that he will only do surgery if it is necessary. Thanks again!

-Former Patient