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John Brannan, M.D.

I am so pleased to be able to share my experience with the platelet lysate injections by Dr. Brannan.

I had suffered with back issues and debilitating sciatica for two years. Prior to the injections, my lifestyle had  dramatically changed. I was missing out of family, social and sporting events due to the pain. I was even contemplating selling my high-maintenance house for a smaller house with less maintenance.

After multiple steroid injections, 3 epidurals, radio-frequency ablation, dry needling and physical therapy, the pain persisted. And the possibility of a difficult surgery with a potential long recovery and no guarantees iced my decision to have Dr. Brannan do the injections.

It was truly a life-changing event. I am back to doing things I haven’t been able to do for a couple of years. My sciatica pain is gone and my back so much stronger.

I sing Dr. Brannan’s praises every chance I get. Hands-down, the best investment in my health I have every made.

-Linda C.

THANK YOU again for making it possible for me t follow my dreams and do what I love!

You are an amazing man to whom I will forever be grateful.  Thank you for healing me and all your support and encouragement…

I made a movie back in May as a stunt actress doing a car hit and some hand pulls and it was like I had never been injured.  It all felt great.  I’m tumbling again and my horse and I have a better connection together and are showing at the same level we were before my accident.  Baby steps and riding smarter have been key.

I wear my safety vest and don’t take anything for granted.

So blessed to have you as my doctor.

With sincere gratitude,

-Jacquie S.

I have had back and leg pain and sought treatment with another group. An MRI done in August of 2007 showed herniated discs. The other doctor had me go to 3 different therapy places and had me on several different medications. I still had numbness and severe pain after 8 months. They sent me to their injection doctor and he wanted me to change medications and go to yet another PT location. I looked at him and said just give me my MRI films and I was going elsewhere.

I contacted Beacon and set up an appointment with Dr. Brannan. Within 25 minutes he sugessed I do the spinal injections. I got my first one and the results were unbelievable. I had very little pain and no numbness in my left leg. I could stand up straight and walk without haveing to stop every 30 feet and squat down because of the pain I had. I did the follow up visit and received another injection. When I went back for my follow up, Dr. Brannan asked me if I ever had stomach surgery as he was measuring something on my MRI. I said no and looked over his shoulder and asked if that was my aorta. He replied yes and that I needed to get an ultrasound asap. He wrote a perscription for me and I had it done the next morning. I was shocked to find out I had aortic aneurysm READY TO RUPTURE! I had the open AAA repair done on July 18,2008 by Dr.Moreira.

The reason for this letter is that I spent 8 months in pain with no positive results let alone seeing the AAA until I saw Dr. Brannan. I want to say that DR.BRANNAN not only fixed the disc problem but also saved my life by not having tunnel vision. He looks at the whole picture when treating a patient. I am so impressed and grateful that I changed doctors, and was lucky enough to have Dr. Brannan for my doctor. I have and will always tell everyone of my experience and reccomend Dr. Brannan and Beacon Orthopaedics for any orthopedic/spine needs.I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Beacon is the best!

-Robert C.

I began my appointments with Dr. John Brannan and my surgeon was Dr. Chunduri. All through my process with sciatica I couldn’t have felt in more capable hands than with Dr. Brannan, Dr. Chunduri and his assistant Kate Muenzer. From the beginning of my visits I feel Beacon answered all my questions and even helped me over my surgery anxiety. I am now pain free! I have recommended Beacon Orthopedics to a female co-worker. She is now a patient with a Beacon knee specialist!

-Margaret M.

called a couple other Ortho offices but Beacon was able to get me in right away with Dr. Brannan. I was in so much pain at the time I couldn’t wait three weeks for an appointment. I had Chronic Back pain for the past 10 years and this past was horrible. I was seeing a Chiropractor for 6-7months and at the end of the time the pain got so bad I could barely walk. I was in pretty bad shape, I mean I was 36 years old and walking like a 90 year old lady (no offense), but at my age I didn’t think I would be dragging my leg behind me because it felt practically numb and pains in my lower that were getting so severe I could barely walk let alone sit, or stand in one place too long. Dr. Brannan was great and after I told him my problem and what kind of treatments I had sought out in the past he walked out of the waiting room and came back and said that he was sending me down to get an MRI and to come back to see him right after. How amazing maybe they could finally figure out what was wrong with me. I heard everything from I had a pinched nerve, to a sciatica nerve. The Acupuncturist that treated me when I was pregnant said that he didn’t think it was either but in my head what did he know he didn’t take a x-ray (which I found out can’t determine either symptom and the one that I recently had done through the chiropractor was not that great of a x-ray) The MRI showed that I had a Bulging disc that pushed on the main nerve in my back causing all this pain, and numbing feel down my leg. I was told I had to have surgery that week. I then met with Dr. Rodway and let me just say he is Awesome!!! I was in all this pain and was scheduled to have surgery that week. I had a 2 year old at the time and all I could think was I wanted to be able to hold him and walk, run and play with him. The day of the surgery the pain was so severe I couldn’t sit in the car and had to get in the back seat to lay down it hurt so bad. I have never been in so much pain in my life and that was the longest 1/2hr. ride in my life! It was horrible. After the surgery amazingly enough I was able to walk out of the hospital room, yes that same day! No pain just a little numbness in my leg/foot but that has pretty much disappeared in the past year. I wish I would have seen these wonderful doctors’ years ago but I’m thankful that I can walk, run, and play with my little one again. I highly recommend this practice! They were great all the way from the Receptionist, Doctors, Nurse, P.A., MRI Tech., Physical Therapist, and even the Billing staff. Beacon Ortho Rocks! Thanks for helping me get my life back!!

-Beatrice S.