Our Physicians

David Sower, M.D.

Dr. Sower has the exact temperament to deal with obnoxious patients like me. He took time to answer every single question that I had and walked me through my treatment options one-by-one four or five times until I could grasp the differences between them. I cannot shower him with appropriate thanks because this review would be ten or twelve pages. Thank you so much, Dr. Sower!

-G.W. Cooper

I saw Dr. Sower when I used the orthopedic urgent care at Beacon Orthopedics. He was down to earth and very approachable and I was very comfortable with him.

--Verified Patient

Thank you Dr. Sower for not making me wait to be seen! You and your team are outstanding, and it is refreshing to receive such quick and top quality care when I do stupid things like wreck my bike and screw up my knee (again!).

--Verified Patient

I saw Dr. Sower through the urgent care at Beacon and I thought he did a great job. He took time to understand why my ankle hurt and what had happened before making a diagnosis or treating it. I really appreciated that!

--Verified Patient