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Our Physicians

Joel I. Sorger, M.D.

Keene Bryant, Physician Assistant

Keene attended Eastern Kentucky University graduating with a degree in athletic training. He then achieved a Master’s degree in athletic training from Ohio University. Keene worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Loveland High School before returning to school for a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies at Kettering College. He has worked with Dr. Sorger since 2011, assisting him in treating benign and malignant tumors, total joint and complicated joint replacement. Keene currently lives in Loveland with his wife, Melissa, and their three children.

Christy Kenneda, Surgery Scheduler

Christy Kenneda has worked as Dr. Sorger’s surgery scheduler and administrative assistant for 12 years. She takes his phone calls and manages his schedule. Christy joined Beacon with Dr. Sorger and the rest of his team in September 2020.

Jonna Hodge-McDonald, Medical Assistant

Jonna is Dr. Sorger’s lead medical assistant and has been working with him since 2007. She handles all aspects of his clinical practice. Jonna previously worked at TriHealth but joined Beacon with the rest of Dr. Sorger’s team in September 2020.

Amanda Smith, Medical Assistant

Amanda Smith is another one of Dr. Sorger’s medical assistants. She works in the clinic with him, drawing up injections, rooming patients, changing dressing, removing staples and stitches and any other aspects of the clinical setting.