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Henry Stiene, M.D.

I went to Dr. Stiene for shoulder/neck pain. I was in agony for 3 months. A little physical therapy with Megan and Jimmy, and another appointment with Dr. Stiene and it ends up there were calcium deposits on my shoulder. A little procedure and I already feel great! Recommend Beacon with all their services!


The experience was very good.  Dr. Stiene provided information on every procedure and answered questions prior to beginning.  The office was very professional and created a very comfortable environment.


Dr. Stiene and his staff were always ready to answer any questions after the procedures but in most cases the pre-procedure printed material covered it.


The procedures went very smooth and minimal discomfort.


I would highly recommend Dr. Stiene and his staff at Beacon for Regenexx procedures.


I have struggled tremendously with a hip injury for 2 years, which rendered me disabled, unable to walk with a normal gait,  in constant pain, and ultimately not able to work.  No orthopedic physician, specialist, chiropractor, neurologist, or physical therapist in my region could seem to treat me with any definitive results.  As a young man, 38 years old, my quality of life was gone and I was having to come terms that I was going have to live this way indefinitely.
Finally, I found Dr. Stiene and his caring staff in Cincinnati.  Prior to driving 2.5 hours to meet Dr. Stiene, he did a thorough review of my case history and imaging.  Not only did he find the problem, but implemented a quality treatment plan that commenced immediately. Upon receiving his Regenexx injections, I am walking for the first time in 2 years without a limp and I am virtually pain free, with confidence that after my last injection a week ago, I will soon be able to return to my normal life and to the work I love.
Now that I know  Dr. Stiene and Beacon Orthopedics are in the area, if I ever have another incidence, then I am coming straight back to you all for treatment.  It is definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive to the Summit Woods Location.
You have me well on the way to recovery in just a few short months.  This is quite an accomplishment, considering I have had 2 years of prior kenalog/cortisone injections, medications, massage therapy, supplements, dry needling, epidurals, procedures, tests, imaging, back/hip braces, and physical therapy. At one point the doctor’s wanted to surgically implant a Medtronic neuro stimulator in my lower back.  However, as an Advanced MRI Applications Specialist, I knew my problem wasn’t spine related. So I am glad I didn’t agree for that.
It is a long time coming, but I am close to being whole again.  Most importantly, I now have hope and you have renewed my spirit that I can be healthy again.
Thank you Team Stiene for, literally, getting me back on my feet! I truly and deeply appreciate all that you have done for me.


Communication of all expectations of procedures were thorough and complete. Office visits were right on time. Answered all of my questions completely. Staff was very polite and very efficient. Dr. Stiene was easy to talk to and understand. Two thumbs up!!!

-Douglas P. via Google

I don’t live in the area, but had heard about Beacon from a friend. I emailed to ask a question about an achilles issue I’ve been having, and to my surprise, received a call from Dr. Steine personally. He spent nearly a half hour on the phone with me, patiently answering my questions and clearly describing the procedure I would need to address my problems. It’s truly rare in my experience to find a physician willing to offer this kind of personal service. Highest recommendation.


I was set up with Dr. Stiene at the last minute for a painful hip injury brought on by running. He was extremely welcoming and listened to the symptoms I had been experiencing. Dr. Stiene was quick to order tests and make a diagnosis. Within one week, I started PT and am now nearly pain free. Every time I have seen Dr. Stiene, he is incredibly prompt, which I know is tough to do, and he is attentive and kind.


Great job treating my badly torn planter fascia in my left foot. Had the injections done and 1 year after completing treatment no pain and back to playing sports.


With the help of Dr. Stiene and his staff, platelet injections treatments helped my shoulder recover from its injury fuller, quicker, and healthier.

-Homer Bailey, Former Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

I am a recreational runner who had severe plantar fasciitis, and within four weeks following my SECOND of two platelet injections injections, I was able to begin running. Now I am back to my original form running 15-18 miles per week.

-Tim Vannatta

I suffered from heel pain since 2009, and finally in February of 2010, I was referred to Dr. Henry Stiene. After other treatment options failed, I found a new life after getting three platelet injections injections into my heel, I couldn’t be happier with the result. I walk everyday with no pain.

-Sherri B.

I always feel encouraged after I talk with Dr. Stiene.  He is a good listener and always has a plan for treatment that I can put my effort into. I come away from my visits, feeling that things  will improve.


My hope is that I can continue to count on him for my help and care and I will try to follow his instructions.

-Patricia S.

Dr. Stiene was very good at diagnosing cause of my shoulder inflammation and was very good at providing the right drug therapy for controlling my nerve pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Stiene to diagnose and treat pain related issues. Finding someone to identify your pain issues early on is very critical.

-Linda M. via Google

Dr Stiene is just excellent! He took the time not only to listen to all of my concerns, but also to thoroughly explain my injury and gave me a clear path forward for helping me to heal. I can’t recommend him enough!!! The staff at his office are equally as helpful. I was treated as if I was the most important person in the office that day.

-Vicky D. via Google

Impressed that with a couple prolotherapy sessions that my chronic shin pain for years is gone. Another worthy note is the efficiency that his staff operate at (emails and phone calls are promptly addressed, wait time is never been more than a couple minutes, radiology scheduling is immediate). In summary, it strongly comes out that Dr. Stiene is a perfectionist and expects the same from his team.

-David K. via Google

Excellent service from the time I was checked in to the end of my visit with Dr Henry Stiene Everyone was very professional and so considerate of my time. Dr Stiene took the time to explain procedures and processes in great detail on a level I understood. Beacon is the only place I will go for Orthopedic care, and highly recommend Dr Stiene.

-Esther F. via Google

I’ve seen Dr. Stiene for 2 different running related issues and both times he took the time to figure out what I needed. If you’re a runner (and even if you’re not), he’s a great doc!

-David M. via Google