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Switzerland County Receives $24,000 Medical Equipment Grant

Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine provides the sports medicine care for over thirty local high schools.  Switzerland County High School is one of those schools.  Beacon Orthopaedics and the Dearborn County Hospital went above and beyond to secure a grant for Switzerland County.  The grant will go toward invaluable medical equipment to help ensure that student-athletes are well taken care of in case of accidents or emergencies.

Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and Dearborn County Hospital thanked the Vevay Switzerland County Foundation, the Switzerland County Community Foundation, and the School Endowment Fund Committee for granting about $8,000 each.  The generous contributions purchased an EMS Kubota for transporting medical equipment and injured athletes.  The medical equipment includes an automatic external defibrillator (AED), sideline table, stretcher, stationary bike, and various other rehabilitation and medical supplies for Switzerland County High School.

A ceremonious “thank you” was extended to the granting organizations during the Pacers’ home football game against North Decatur on October 7.

Those in attendance for the donation ceremony were: Dr. David Argo, Team physician from Beacon Orthopeadics, Ed Brush, Director of Rehab Dearborn County Hospital, Ben Huber, Physical Therapist DCH, Dr. James Hahn, football team physician St. Elizabeth’s Physicians, Jennifer Bostic, Athletic Trainer DCH, Pam Acton, Switzerland County Community Foundation, Steve Crabtree, Vevay Switzerland County Foundation, and Pat Lanman, School Endowment Fund Board Member.

“Having access to a Kubota means a lot for the athletic trainers at Switzerland County,” explained Dr. David Argo, the team’s medical director.  “It equips the sideline medical staff with the AED and other emergency supplies.  Unfortunately, accidents and injuries still happen during games.  If there is an emergency, this new equipment allows us to provide more immediate care.”