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FAQ’s About Tommy John Surgery

Dr. Kremchek Interview WLW700

Last night, Beacon Physician and Reds Medical Director Dr. Tim Kremchek interviewed with Lance McAlister on “The Big One” 700-WLW.  Dr. Kremchek starts about 34-minutes into the broadcast.  If you would like, you can listen to the entire interview HERE.  Much of the conversation focuses on Tommy John surgery.
Having recently completed his 3,000th Tommy John Surgery, and as an outspoken advocate against overuse injuries, Dr. Kremchek is somewhat of an expert on the subject.  Recently, there has been a big increase in MLB pitchers and young players requiring ligament repair in their elbows, or “Tommy John surgery.”
Avoiding “Little League Elbow” from overuse is crucial. Too many innings pitched, too many pitches per game, throwing breaking balls or curveballs too early, or without the proper technique can cause myriad injuries for young players.  Dr. Kremchek recommends throwing no more pitches than 6x their age per game.  Correct technique is equally important; learn trick pitches from the right people, not by experimenting in the backyard.
Pitchers should not go out and play another position once they are finished pitching, nor should they play another position before they start pitching a game.
Dr. Kremchek’s goal is to get them ready to play and to watch them have long, fun, injury free baseball careers.

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