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Dr. Robert Rolf on Children’s Injuries

Dr. Robert Rolf joins us to discuss two types of injuries in children.  The first type consists of Acute Injuries. These are often the results of direct trauma.  Common acute injuries include fractures, joint injuries, and ligament tears.  Although not directly caused by fatigue, it is important to avoid playing competitively while fatigued to avoid poor technique, which can lead to acute injuries.  These types of injuries are typically easy to identify and are generally more easily diagnosed by coaches, trainers, and even parents.

The second type of children’s injury, according to Dr. Robert Rolf, are Overuse Injuries.  These are generally more subtle and not as easy to identify.  Since these injuries generally occur due to repetitive trauma of muscles, joints, ligaments and/or bones, they can be misconstrued as simply general joint pain or discomfort.
Although overuse injuries can be caused simply by performing the same or similar action too much without adequate rest, they are often the result of inadequate training or poor technique.  Since most children won’t always tell someone when they are hurt, below are some general indicators a parent can look for to spot an overuse injury.  As always, if you are concerned that your child has experienced a sports related injury, please schedule an assessment with a professional.
Common symptoms of an overuse injury include limping, headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness, or experiencing light headedness.  Complaints of pain while sitting or walking are also very common.  It is important for coaches and parents alike to tell young athletes not fight through pain.  This can delay diagnosis, and thus increase recovery time, or it can cause further damage to an affected area and cause the injury to become more severe.
If you are concerned that your child is suffering from an Overuse Injury or an Acute Injury, please give Beacon Orthopaedics a call.  We would be happy to perform an assessment and help start your child on a path to pain free athletics.  Call (513) 354-3700 for an appointment at any of our locations.