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Dr. McClung helps Highlands Volleyball Player Return

Dr. Glen McClung is an orthopedic surgeon focusing on hips, elbows, knees, shoulders, and sports medicine.  One of the reasons he is so great at what he does, is because Dr. McClung has had surgeries for several sports injuries over the years.

When Anna Marie Houliston’s hip pain became too intense to handle, Dr. McClung understood where she was coming from.  He could tell from the initial consult how much she wanted to get back on the court and play her senior year.  Houliston attends Highlands High School, and she is part of a group of seven volleyball players that have been together since sixth grade.  She wanted to do everything in her power to be on the court for her senior season.

Houliston started experiencing hip discomfort in the eighth grade.  As she continued to play volleyball, the pain started increasing.  When her pain became unbearable, Houliston finally went to see Dr. Glen McClung at Beacon Orthopaedics.  He was able to quickly diagnose a torn labrum, perform surgery shortly thereafter, and start her on a recovery plan that enabled her to get back in the game just in time for her senior season.

Read the full article by Richard Skinner here on Local 12 WKRC.

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