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Cincy Museum Science of Sports Exhibit- Dr. Hamilton


Dr. Steve Hamilton of Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine wants to encourage you to bring your family to see the Science of Sports exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  The physics and biology behind athletics and sports medicine is educational and fascinating. The exhibit includes informative displays to work out your brain, as well as interactive stations to stimulate muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones. Put your mind and body to the test!
You can learn the forces at work behind a 105 mph fastball, an unbelievably fast 100-meter dash, and much more. Drawings and models of the shoulder show how pitchers can throw fast, or how tennis players in the Western Southern Open can hit the hard serves along the baseline.

There are also exhibits on the elbow, which is gaining attention in the media right now because of frequent sports-related injuries. Whether it be a young pitcher or an MLB player who has an injury to the elbow, we can learn through science and biomechanical studies how much stress can go on that particular joint.
It is the increase of damaged elbow ligaments leading physicians to make recommendations for why young pitchers shouldn’t throw certain pitches, or why developing pitchers should limit their innings in the major leagues. These doctors are going beyond simple pitch counts, and the Science of Sports exhibit can help visitors understand why.
If you want to check out and see how this science of sports relates to medical care, be sure to check out this exhibit while it lasts! It opens at the Cincinnati Museum Center on May 23, 2015.
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