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Center for Sport Sciences- Model of Collaboration

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At the Center for Sports Sciences, Wilmington College students will now have the opportunity to gain real world clinical experience on campus.  They will finally have the opportunities to learn from four well known medical groups in Southwest Ohio.  Plus, students and locals can be seen by expert physicians, trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists close to home.  This is all due to a patient- and student-centered collaboration between Wilmington College, Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, the Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, Chiropractic Care of Cincinnati, and also CMH Regional Health System’s imaging services.

This collaboration will bring huge benefits to students and the community, beyond athletics.  In fact, several state government officials and local medical professionals took a tour of Wilmington College’s new facilities on Tuesday at the brand new Center for Sports Sciences.

In August of this year, Wilmington College opened the doors to its $10.4 million, 41,000 square-foot sports sciences complex with an 800-person ribbon cutting celebration.  It has been over a month, and the fanfare isn’t going away.  The facility has the impressive distinction of hosting four well known medical practices, in conjunction with provision of services to student athletes.

Wilmington College Sports Medicine

Glen Prasser, CEO of Beacon Orthopaedics, Talks to Wilmington College Faculty & Staff


Wilmington College has a well developed athletic program, boasting twenty varsity sports teams for student athletes.  The new Center for Sports Sciences boasts a 40- yard by 40-yard turf field and many other related elements, making it a first class facility in which to train and study.

Glen Prasser, CEO of Beacon Orthopaedics, noted his enthusiasm for the partnership, which started four years ago when Beacon Orthopaedics became the medical provider for Wilmington College athletics.

At a somewhat volitile time for independent medical practices, Beacon has no intentions of selling to a larger hospital group, Prasser stated.  He wants his organization to continue to “focus on the patient.”  He belives that by bringing the four medical groups to the area, he is allowing local residence greater choices in their care.

Wilmington College’s athletic training program is known nationally for its hands-on experiences, and it is said to be among the state’s largest programs of its kind.  This is certainly one reason why Beacon, Drayer, and CMH were so enthusiastic to partner with the College.

President of Wilmington College Jim Reynolds is excited about the new benefits provided to students.  He believes that this on-campus location will allow students to train better, foster a new interest in healthcare, and encourage students to seek immediate treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

The collaboration is a glimpse into the future of healthcare, even if only because of the students that will benefit.  The innovation and investment that have been focused on making the Center for Sports Sciences a reality are many, but they are already paying off.