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A Statement Regarding Injections Linked to Meningitis

The physicians and staff of Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Summit Surgical Center, and the Beacon West Surgical Center have been alerted to a recent outbreak of meningitis. This outbreak is directly linked to a pharmaceutical product commonly used for injections into the spine. With our orthobiologics programs, pain management, and spinal care physicians, we often recommend various types of injectables to improve our patients’ lives and well being.

However, at no point have the specific products implicated by authorities been used at our facilities. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that patients of Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine would contract meningitis from one of our injections. We adhere to the highest medical and surgical standards in the care of our patients, and thus the risk of contracting the variety of meningitis, as has been reported across the region, is extremely low.

Our procedural and operational standards include using meticulous sterile techniques during all procedures, even those that are non-surgical. We have continual staff training regarding infectious disease, and our rigorous process for selection of medications, pharmaceuticals, and equipment ensures that our supplying companies and vendors are only of the highest quality. If patients have any questions about a recent procedure done at one of our facilities, we encourage them to contact their physician.

It is our goal to continually provide the highest patient satisfaction with careful, customized care. Ensuring high standards across the board is imperative to that goal.


John J Brannan, MD

Medical Director


Barb Kenney, RN

Infection Control Director


Glen Prasser