MACI Knee Cartilage Repair

MACI Cartilage Repair: Your Cells at Work!

In short, MACI (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane) is a procedure that repairs damaged cartilage by using your own cells.  This treatment is designed to provide pain relief by helping repair the damaged tissue.  Our goal is to help restore your range of motion and eliminate your joint pain with as little intervention as possible.

A sample of your cartilage cells (chondrocytes) is taken and sent to the MACI laboratory.  From there your cells are embedded on a special collagen membrane.  This membrane is sent back to your physician to be implanted into your knee.  This simple procedure allows your cartilage cells to regenerate, repairing and forming new tissue.

MACI brings three important things to the table:

  • Your own functional repair tissue:

MACI produces a type of repair tissue that alleviates symptoms and restores joint function which has been shown to form as early as 6 months after the MACI procedure.  (Please see for more information)

  • Reduced pain and improved function

In clinical trials, MACI has been shown to offer greater pain relief and improvement in function when compared to other treatment options.*  (Please see for more information)

  • Proven patient satisfaction

During our research and clinical trials, MACI patients reported higher quality of life scores, greater abilities to perform recreational and sports activities, and improved overall knee function, when compared to other available treatments.* (Please see for more information)


MACI is made up of your own (autologous) cartilage cells that are expanded and placed onto a membrane and then implanted into the area of the cartilage damage and absorbed back into your own tissue.

The amount of MACI applied depends on the size and extent of the damage to your cartilage. The MACI film is trimmed by your surgeon to match the size and shape of the affected area, to ensure the damaged area is completely covered.


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*The SUMMIT Extension Trial was an open-label, multicenter extension of the Summit Trial. The study continued to show a favorable safety and clinical outcome at five years consistent with the two year results.  The safety and long-term clinical benefit of MACI have only been studied in the knee joint.  Please visit for additional details.