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Beacon Elite Sports Training will be temporarily closed for construction and renovations through Spring 2018.  Updates will be communicated to members and posted on this page as we near re-opening.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we improve our facilities!

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There is something here for everyone.  Find out more about our classes specially designed for active adults, competitive athletes, and those just getting involved in sports.

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Learn more about our outstanding trainers that will help take you to the next level.  They are all certified and ready to help you work harder and smarter to achieve your goals!

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*** Beacon Elite Sports Training will be closed for renovations and construction through spring 2018.***

A specific re-opening date will be announced as construction draws to a close.

We are grateful for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have any questions, please contact our Outreach Coordinator at

"I’ve lost a good amount of fat and gained in lean muscle mass. My body weight is down close to twenty pounds since I started a bit over a year ago. I feel great and have significantly more energy." - Chris

Happy Athletes

"The coaches do a fantastic job of keeping my body guessing by changing the workouts using various movements and rep schemes. There is also a great feeling of camaraderie with other members that pushes me to be better and constantly improve." - Nick

"The trainers are personable and they pay attention to your form and offer great advice.  I love working out first thing at 6 am. I feel energized for the rest of the day at work." - Bridget

“This will be a thing that we try to do every single year. I’ve seen guys completely change from January to now: Bigger, faster, stronger.” – Mike, Head Coach

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Performance Testing

Beacon Elite Sports Training and Beacon’s Physical Therapy Departments now have access to performance testing technology, using DorsaVi.
This cutting edge wearable technology is changing the game for athletes and patients recovering from orthopedic injuries.  DorsaVi provides objective data to more easily and accurately weigh risks of injury, determine when it is safe to return to a sport or activity, and provide highly customized training programs.

Instead of basing decisions on visual perceptions alone, DorsaVi allows our athletic trainers and physical therapists to look at accurate, real time data.

This new way to collect and access data has helped enhance athletic performance as well as track progress and assist in recovery from injuries or surgeries.

sports performance technology

This wearable technology is wireless, which means the sensors objectively measures an athlete’s movement without the encumbrance of wires and nodes. The rate of capture for the motion and muscle sensors is 200 frames per second, which means specific, accurate, real time information.

Analyzing how athletes perform when they are fatigued versus fresh is a great way to prevent injuries. Data collected can provide bench marking and makes goal setting more definitive and customized. This level of analysis equips trainers, athletes, and physical therapists to make more informed decisions. The tracking and reporting allow visually attractive, objective, very specific data to be easily interpreted.