Our Physicians

Justin J. Kruer, M.D.

I was scared to death. The thought of needles, and to have them in my spine? I was expecting the worst. He was friendly and understood my anxiety. I am very happy with him and would recommend him to anyone. He told me what was going to happen in the procedure and how it was going to feel, no surprises. And he likes Sammy Kershaw… he was singing one of my favorite songs, so anyone that can sing Sammy can’t be bad!

Thank you Dr. Kruer

-Linda C.

I have seen a lot of physicians over the past four years. I have what I believe to be an amazing team of physicians who attend to my care. Dr. Kruer, by far, is my favorite. He diagnosed, took affirmative action and gave me a life again. Struggling with chronic pain in my neck, head and shoulders, I had almost given up until I was referred to Dr. Kruer. His treatment has made the difference in my life.