Our Physicians

Angel L. Velazquez, M.D.

Dr. V made me feel like he really cared about my knee problems. He explained procedures and answered all my questions. Once I arrived in excruciating pain and he actually helped me walk back to the exam room. He always called me by name and even once I had to see the surgeon for knee replacement, he noted my progress and encouraged me. He is hands down the nicest, most compassionate doctor I have ever seen.

-Joseph J.

Made an appointment 24 hours prior to my visit, without issue. The Beacon med offices are so clean and welcoming. Waited less than 10 mins for my consult. Dr. Velasquez is one of the coolest doctors I’ve ever had! He has lots of positive energy and enthusiasm. He was engaging and respectful, and seemed to take a genuine interest in my well-being, not just the injuries I was being seen for. Diagnosis was communicated clearly, treatment was quick & efficient, recommended recovery plan was communicated clearly & concisely. Would def recommend to anyone.

-Javier M.

Dr. Velazquez is excellent in assessment and diagnosis. He is very personable, genuine, and professional in his communication and treatment. I am a nursing professor and he treated me with respect and acknowledged my own professional knowledge. I have seen him twice and will continue to use his expertise for any orthopedic issues I experience.

-Cheryl L.

Dr. Velazquez was very good with my 13 year old son, showed appropriate concern for his pain and to his concerns. Showed him on the x-ray the issue and asked to make sure my son understood what he was looking at. He gave us clear guidance of treatment path and was very engaged through the whole appointment. A great experience!

-Kyle E.

Thankful to have the option of a same-day appointment through Zocdoc. We got everything addressed in one trip, x-rays, saw Dr. Velazquez, and fit for brace. It couldn’t be easier. Dr. Velazquez was friendly and professional. I appreciated his conservative approach.

-Rachel B.

He was empathetic to my situation and genuinely motivated to fix my injury. After multiple wrong diagnoses from other doctors, I’m so lucky I found Dr. Velazquez! I finally feel like I’m on the right track to recovery.

-Jenna S.

My name is Robin G., I am a patient of Dr. Velazquez. I just wanted to tell everyone that he and his staff did a great job with my care. Dr. Velazquez and his staff were all pleasant and very helpful. I am so much better than I was before. I was afraid at the beginning because I had never been in so much pain in my life, but thanks to Dr. Velazquez’s great knowledge, bedside manner/humor and wonderful personality along with a GREAT TEAM, I feel great! My PT Team, Ben, Nikki, Kelly, Robin, Kim and Elizabeth is great too! I will always recommend Beacon highly to anyone needs great orthopaedic care!

Thank You!

-Robin G.

Friendly and knowledgeable doctor. Clearly enjoys what he does. Does not rush the appointment, but does not waste your time either. We have had a very positive treatment outcome for my daughter’s sports related injury.

-Elizabeth G.

Fantastic!! He is the one doctor who has the drive to help his patients. He believes in what you say and will not reject you because your condition was not treated or understood by other doctors. He will try to work with the patient to get a better understanding and will not waste appointment after appointment to treat his patient.

-Rahul P.

Dr. Velazquez is my doctor. He has always listened to what I had to say. He has always been right on track with my injury and has gotten me back on the field as soon as possible! I worked hard with the physical therapists and followed Dr. Velazquez’s advice and treatment recommendations. He understands my pain and desire to be healed and on the field as soon as possible. I don’t have to wait long for my appointments and I can usually get in immediately following an injury.

-Ava H.