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Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy

The Regenexx™ Family of Procedures:

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Henry Stiene, M.D. of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is proud to be the only physician in the TriState area licensed to perform and treat patients with the Regenexx™ Family of Procedures, including concentrated PRP and Stem Cell Treatments.

Regenexx is the leader in orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine in terms of research, tracking patient outcomes, presentations, and publications. For these reasons, Dr Stiene chose to align with the Regenexx family to best serve his patients.

To contact Dr. Stiene about Regenexx please call (513) 389-3641

Regenexx Bone Marrow

How Regenexx™ Procedures Work

Stem Cells and Platelet-derived growth factors are in all of us and they are responsible for healing injured bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. They are the key components behind the Regenexx Procedures. As we get older or injured, we sometimes cannot get enough of these cells into the area to heal. The Regenexx™ Procedures help solve this problem by precisely delivering a high concentration of stem cells and platelets into the injured area aiding your body’s ability to heal naturally. Patients experience very little downtime and they typically avoid long, painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

Is Regenexx™ Right For You?

If you have been diagnosed with one of the following conditions, Regenexx is good news!Regenexx Stem Cell Picture

– Unstable Ligaments and Joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, pelvis, knee, ankle, and foot)
– Avascular Necrosis ( stages 1-4 ) of the shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle
– Osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, foot or hand
– Tears of the rotator cuff, tennis or golfer’s elbow, hamstring, gluteus, quadriceps, patella tendon, achilles, plantar fascia, sports hernia, groin pulls, peroneal, posterior tibial tendon
– Other cartilage injuries such as a knee meniscus tear, hip labral tear, shoulder labral tear, TFCC tear in the wrist, osteochondral or chondral injuries to the articular cartilage in all joints

An Overview of Stem Cells

Stem cells are found inside each person and function in adults to heal injured tissues.  As people age or experience injuries, their stem cell concentration may not be high enough to effectively heal all parts of their body.  Since stem cells naturally self-renew, they expedite healing and allow for a fuller recovering of worn out of damaged tissue.  By placing a patient’s own stem cells strategically, the body is able to heal itself without any surgical procedures.


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