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What is Dorsavi? New Motion Tracking Technology.

BEST utilizes Dorsavi motion tracking technology to help monitor an athletes form, movement and efficiency. In this WLWT Mind and Muscle Segment with Head Trainer Izak Tanner, learn about the technology precisely measures an athletes performance.

Beacon Elite Sports Training (BEST) Head Trainer Izak Tanner explains how the Dorsavi motion tracking system records objective data on an athlete’s performance. This ability to record, view, and monitor performance through two sensors can be a big step forward in recovering from an injury, or preventing one altogether.

Two sensors are worn by an athlete, one on each leg. Then a coach or trainer will have the athlete perform a series of activities: running, walking, jumping, etc. The data from each movement or step is then recorded and displayed in an easy to read dashboard.

Recognizing trends in the data can lead to personalized programs tailored exactly to an athlete’s needs. Since the sensors feed to a computer, phone, or tablet, coaches or trainers can view the data in real time. This means that instead of guessing at problems or causes, coaches and athletes can look at data and analyze changes and results immediately.

In addition to assisting athletes in achieving their goals, the motion tracking technology is also helping prevent injuries and expedite returns after an injury. For example, in preseason training, it can help establish, monitor, and fix imbalances before the season even starts. This allows players to perform at their best, while reducing the likelihood of injuries.

If a player is injured during the season, a personalized plan can be developed using the Dorsavi data. Recovery progress is measurable with objective data instead of relying only a coach’s perception.

More and more professional sports teams and organizations are recognizing the advantages of this type of motion tracking technology. Already, several NFL, NBA, and MLB teams are using it. We expect to see an increase in the number of organizations using it, as Dorsavi begins permeating the medical sector. In the spirit of our technologically advanced practices, Beacon Orthopaedics has already embraced this type of monitoring. To try Dorsavi out for yourself, stop by BEST!