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Dorsavi Motion Tracking Technology!


Beacon Elite Sports Training (BEST) utilizes cutting edge Dorsavi motion tracking technology to help monitor and improve an athlete’s form, movement, and efficiency. The benefits also extend to injury prevention, and they allow coaches and trainers to address concerns before an injury actually occurs.

Check out this WLW-T Mind and Muscle Segment with Head Trainer Izak Tanner and BRIDGE Program Coordinator Kelly Huber to witness the Dorsavi tracking system in action!


The sensors are placed on Kelly’s lower legs. As she performs the running test, we will get feedback detailing the levels of force going through each leg while she is running. Every time one of her feet hits the ground, we can compare it to her other leg.

This allows us to establish any imbalances in her gate, levels of impact, and even to more easily recognize fatigue. This personalized snapshot of running performance can be immensely beneficial for youth, amateur, or professional runners. Whether competing in track or cross country, or simply running marathons and half marathons, this motion tracking technology can help improve technique and prevent injuries.

The monitors feed into dashboard for a computer, tablet, or phone. This allows progress to be tracked and easily viewed in real time, or compared over a period of time to gauge improvement.

Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is the only place in the tri-state area to offer Dorsavi motion tracking technology. If you want to give it a try, come on in to BEST!