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Beacon physicians treat musculoskeletal injuries

Beacon Spine Team

John Brannan, M.D.
Jaideep Chunduri, M.D.
Ian P. Rodway, M.D.
John E. Bartsch, M.D.
Michael T. Rohmiller, M.D.
Justin J. Kruer, M.D.

Beacon Spine is the most comprehensive spine care program in Cincinnati that offers quick access to a dedicated spine physician. Whether the spinal disorder is minor or major, surgical or non-surgical, the spine specialists at Beacon can diagnose and treat all problems related to the adult or pediatric spine in a swift and efficient manner.

Beacon uses digital x-ray, electrodiagnostics and both open and high-field MRI on site to assist in diagnosing the spinal condition. Physical therapy, bracing and therapeutic spinal injections are conveniently provided at the main offices for treatment, and if needed, surgical intervention is provided at Good Samaritan Hospital, West Chester Medical Center with some procedures are performed at our Summit Wood Surgery Center. Appointments with one of the Beacon Spine physicians can be made with one phone call and every effort will be made to schedule the patient as soon as possible. Pre-appointment testing is not needed, but patients are encouraged to bring with them any recent testing.

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