Our Physicians

Jaideep Chunduri, M.D.


When I came to Dr. Chunduri over a year ago I had been told that my situation was hopeless and that I would have to take pain medicine the rest of my life. But Dr. Chunduri told me he could help me, and after back surgery he has given me my life back. Now I can do anything I want to do. Before surgery I was in constant pain and now I am pain free. Before surgery I was on a lot of pain medications and now I take nothing. I am eternally grateful!


Rhonda B. 

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Chunduri's for the past 4 years. His quality of care has been absolutely superior every time she has needed him. He is very professional, genuine and relates with her and I both. Julie, his assistant, is also extremely professional and caring, as well as very efficient. When she tells me that she will call me back or arrange an appointment for my daughter, she follows through promptly. We can always count on Dr. Chunduri and Julie to give prompt excellent care! Thank you!


I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Chunduri. About 2 years ago he performed a Laminectomy & a Spinal Fusion on my back, today I just returned from a vacation that I was able to jet ski & go tubing out West. I could never have done these things without his expertise. I also have a right knee replacement and left hip replacement by Dr. Chaudhary, so a big THANK YOU to him as well. Just had to let you all know have happy I am living thanks to these 2 great Doctors!



Teresa & Don R.

Dr. Chunduri,
This is a link to an article in the enquirer last week. If you click on the picture it will show a caption about Brian, a senior at Covington Catholic High School. 
Brian was in pain most of his sophomore year and he could not play ball at all his junior year. After trips to two other surgeons we were encouraged by friends to call Beacon. In the fall of 2012 you first saw Brian. You performed surgery on Brian in June of 2013 and less than a year later he was playing baseball again. Words cannot begin describe the joy you brought to our family. Seeing Brian healthy, smiling, laughing and fully enjoying his senior year of high school was truly a blessing. Him being able to enjoy playing baseball again was just icing on the cake. 
Thanks for all you do!
Teresa & Don R.

Shirley B.

I was very pleased with Dr. Chunduri as my physician. He was a great surgeon and I was able to recover very quickly and return to my activities and daily living. He is a kind and caring physician and made me feel comfortable with any questions I had. Kate, his physician assistant is very knowledgeable and also was very kind and caring. I would recommend anyone else needing the type of surgery I had to go to them. 

-Shirley B.

Mike M.

I had fusion surgery on my L-4,L-5 and S-1 vertebrae in April of 2013. My surgeon was Dr. Chunduri and he was assisted by his PA, Kate. It has been almost 1 year since my operation and my quality of life has so vastly improved I can hardly believe it. Sure, for the first month or so I was using pain medication just to get through the day, which I think was a normal sequence of events, but maybe in 3 months or less I was not using any medications as a result of the surgery. I personally cannot thank Beacon and my surgical team enough. I would also recommend, and will continue when asked my feelings about them, to recommend Beacon Orthopedics. All I can say is THANK YOU BEACON with all my heart. 

- Mike M.

Stephen D.

I want to say thank you to you and your staff for all the care you have given me since November, 2011. Your Physician Assistants, Medical Assistant, Schedulers and Therapists always made me feel that I was in good hands and everything would be fine. I especially want to mention Carmen. She provided all the necessary paperwork I needed for Worker's Comp and my employer and did not miss a beat. You are fortunate to have her on your staff!

Thanks again to Dr. Chunduri and to everyone!

-Stephen D.

Peggy L.

"Just want to thank you! In June of 2012, I came to you with a pinched nerve in my neck and the fingers on my right hand did not function. You performed a cervical fusion, but there would be no guarantee that my hand would ever function normally again. I chose not to have hand surgery (your suggestion.) I am so happy to say that since the fusion, my hand is about 90% back to normal. I can play the piano and type again!"

-Peggy L.

Margaret Masters

"I began my appointments with Dr. John Brannan and my surgeon was Dr. Chunduri. All through my process with sciatica I couldn't have felt in more capable hands than with Dr. Brennan, Dr. Chunduri and his assistant Kate Muenzer. From the beginning of my visits I feel Beacon answered all my questions and even helped me over my surgery anxiety. Thanks Kate! I am now pain free! I have recommended Beacon Orthopedics to a female co-worker. She is now a patient with a Beacon knee specialist!" 

-Margaret M.



Karen B

Dr. Bartsch, Dr. Chunduri and their wonderful staff made having back surgery a good experience. The pain I had prior to the surgery was debilitating. I walked with a limp,I could not walk long distances and I couldn't sit at my desk for long periods of time at work. At the young age of 52, my quality of life was horrible. I couldn't exercise, go out with friends or walk my dogs. I was miserable. The physicians and staff at Beacon were wonderful, knowledgeable and caring. The physicians and staff are extremely qualified. They will go the extra mile in your care. Each person involved with my case made a point to make sure I knew exactly what steps and what to expect with my care. I had heard so many people not associated with Beacon who would say that I would feel worse after surgery. I can honestly say the moment I was awake and in the recovery room at the Beacon Western Campus, I felt so much better. The first step I took was an hour after surgery. I knew I would be sore but the pain I experienced prior to the surgery was gone. I immediately felt better. I did everything Dr. Chunduri and his staff told me to do post-operatively. Week by week, I could feel my back and myself becoming stronger. It wasn't always easy making myself do what was instructed but I knew if I did, I would ultimately get to a point in my recovery where I would feel great. I am getting ready to return to work after 6 weeks. I go to Physical Therapy twice a week but I feel so much better than I did 6 weeks ago. Instead of getting better week by week, I can tell a difference now, I am getting better day by day. I highly recommend Beacon Orthopedics for back surgery. Even though I was afraid, it was the BEST thing I could have done for myself. Thank you so much for giving my life back to me. 


After experiencing lower back pain for years, my situation deteriorated to the point I had trouble getting out of the car or a chair.  Extreme pain would radiate down my left leg.  After thinking my situation was hopeless, Dr. Chunduri correctly diagnosed the problem, performed a partial discectomy, and I’ve never looked back!!

Beacon Orthopaedics is a true one-stop shop... X-ray, MRI, surgical center, rehab... all in one location, which I really liked.  Dr. Chunduri and his Staff, including head surgical nurse Debbie Winter, took a personal interest in my total health, and were able to get me back on my feet pain free.  Their dedication and professionalism have allowed me to return to an active, healthy lifestyle, for which I’m extremely grateful.  Thank you Dr. Chunduri, Debbie and team!!


Rosemary M.

After caring for my mother who had Alzheimer's Disease, I noticed pain in my lower back and legs. I went to see Dr. Chunduri and he said that I needed a Lumbar Interbody Fusion and Laminectomy. I spent 3 days in the hospital and was able to walk right away with no pain. My posture had improved so much, I gained 2 inches in height. I would highly recommend Dr. Chunduri and his staff! Thank you!


Drew F.

My name is Drew F and I'm 16 years old. I play competitive tennis in the Ohio Valley and for Highlands High School. For the past two years I was plagued with chronic low back pain when Dr. Chunduri noticed a fracture in one of the scans. I underwent surgery immediately to correct the fracture; this was followed by 4 months of physical therapy. I then became #1 singles player at Highlands and led the team to its first regional championship in seven years. I currently have zero pain in my lower back and train 6 days a week for Midwestern tournaments. Thank you Dr. Chunduri for putting me back on the court.

Update! Highlands' Freyberger wins tennis regional final!

Janice W.

I was injured in an automobile accident by a semi-truck in 1991. The semi-truck, while making an improper u-turn at a stoplight, hit me behind the driver seat of a caravan. I felt pain immediately after being hit. I did the therapies, protocols for epidurals, and took pain medication for many years. I finally had enough of living with pain. I have had neck fusion and two low back fusions. My life is better and I have no pain. I take no medications for the back. I do have the normal aches or arthritis. I can play with my grandchildren and do everyday household duties. I am now walking a mile and riding a recumbent bicycle two miles. Dr. Chunduri is excellent with you as a patient and correcting your spinal problems. I do refer people with similar back problems to Dr. Chunduri. He is one of the best spinal doctors in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Kudos Dr. Chunduri!

I went to see Dr. Chunduri in January 2010 for what I thought was a pulled neck muscle. He ordered physical therapy which I went through for one month. The physical therapy team (Joel's Team) tried many exercises to ease my pain. After a month of therapy, unfortunately, there was no improvement. The head therapist, Joel, referred me back to Dr. Chunduri who quickly ordered an MRI which revealed that a brain tumor was the real reason for my pain. I have since recovered from the brain surgery that quickly followed this discovery. I will always be grateful to Dr. Chunduri, Joel's Team, and the Beacon staff for their quick action and referral to a neurosurgeon which helped me avoid a stroke and may have saved my life. 

William J. Bechmann III

I was experiencing severe lower back pain and numbness in both legs during the summer of 2009. After visiting my family physician in January, 2010, I was referred to Dr. Jaideep Chunduri, M.D. at Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine group. After a MRI was completed on February 2, 2010, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in the L5 lumbar area of my spinal cord. I was counciled about physical therapy and possible back surgery. I decided to have my back surgical repaired at the end of March, 2010. Dr. Chunduri and Matt Milam, PA-C conducted a Lumbar Partial Discectomy on March 26, 2010. I followed their recovery advice with patience, accompanied with a very positive attitude. I walked a couple miles a day, attended my aquatic and weight therapy sessions and paid close attention to all of my instructions. On June 7, 2010, I was given a "Full Duty" status to return to my vocation (Police Officer). I want to express my deepest respect and appreciation to Dr. Jaideep Chunduri, M.D., Matt Milam, PA-C and the staff at the Beacon Spine Center. I would highly recommend your group to any individual who sustained a back injury or suffers from back pain.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deputy William J. Bechmann III
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
Patrol Division

Connie M.

I never wanted back surgery, I had heard nothing but horror stories, but when I was unable to put pressure on my left leg, I had no choice. Dr. Chunduri and his staff were on my side. My surgery was scheduled quickly and I was in and out of the hospital in a few hours. It has been months since surgery and I have since joined a gym. I was back to work in 1 day, short of two weeks and have not looked back. My results were so wonderful, I referred my son-in-law. He had been told there was nothing that could be done to reduce his pain. Again Dr. Chunduri worked his magic and for the first time in years, my son-in-law is able to sleep through the night. Dr. Chunduri is the doc for me. No one else will ever touch my back, should surgery ever be needed again. I have no problem referring Dr. Chunduri to others. Thank you, Connie

Janice Campbell

I am glad a friend referred me to Beacon. I was suffering great back pain. I had had two previous back surgeries, one with rods, several years ago. I had physical therapy and tests, none of which relieved the pain. Dr. Brannan had diagnosed me with Stenosis and Scoliosis and referred me to Dr. Rodway for a surgical consult. I knew I was headed for a wheelchair if I didn't have something done. I am so thankful for Dr. Rodway and Dr. Chunduri. They operated (2-3)times adding up to 15+hours. I am now out of pain, I stand a lot straighter and for longer periods of time. They have given me my life back. I am starting to get back to activities I had to give up. I have been able to travel again. Life is good. I thank the good Lord also.

Paul Woosley

I want to publicly thank Dr. Chunduri, MD.and Matt Milam for their expertise and guidance during my recent battle with radiating leg pain.

In September 2009, a pain developed that I assumed was a strained piriformis muscle. After two months of massage and light therapy, a MRI revealed a herniated disk (L5/S1). Over the next several months the pain continued down the back of my leg, eventually reaching my ankle.

The pain affected my work and my overall quality of living. Dr. Chunduri and Matt were extremely supportive with the non-surgery steps to alleviate the pain. However, after 3 spinal injections and extensive therapy, surgery was the last resort. The experience of the surgery from beginning to end was top notch and I am grateful to the entire Beacon staff.

I will always remember the attention and care I received at Beacon!

Jim B

It's been a year since I've had my surgery. I am fully satisfied with the results. Before the surgery I would experience a continuous nagging pain in my lower back. I wasn't able to sit or stand up at work without effort. At night time I was always awake. 

Today 95% of the time I don't even think about my back. I will not shovel snow, or lift over 50lbs. But honestly I feel like I have my life back. 

Dr. Chunduri, MD and Matt Milam were very truthful, and more importantly took the time to listen and explain all my options. When I made the decision to proceed with surgery I knew it was the right one. 

Recovery took precisely one year. Positive results were noticeable and increased steadily after 6 months. I believe one of the most important components was following through with the Physical Therapy. I went from not being able to walk down the driveway to finally swimming 5 days a week and backpacking.


It has been one year since I had major back surgery, 5 hour surgery. I had extensive nerve pain down my left leg, to the point surgery was my last hope. I am absolutely amazed as to how well I feel and the professional care I received from Dr. Chunduri and Matt and there staff. I am golfing and excersing again. And most importantly I have my life back. Thank you again.

W. J. Rischmann

In the fall of 2008, I was experiencing pain in my legs as well as drop foot, which preventd me from walking. I was referred to Dr. Chunduri who decided it was in my best interest to have back surgery. I had a laminectomy and a fusion. I was walking the day after my surgery. With the help of physical therapy, I am now fully recovered. I want to thank Dr. Chunduri and Matt for a job well done. I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing back problems.

David Freudenthal

This is my second experience with Beacon Orthopaedics. Several years ago Dr. Cha rebuilt my shoulder and most recently, Dr. Chunduri implanted a spinal stimulator in my back. 

I am a Registered Nurse with 20 years of experience in ICU, ER and Homecare Nursing. The care I received from everyone associated with Beacon was exceptional. No hospital I have ever worked in can top them. Everyone I came in contact with went out of their way to see that all of my questions were answered and that everything came off as planned. They were able to get me to surgery in a matter of weeks. 

Thanks to Dr. Chunduri, I am virtually pain free after 17 years of taking pain meds and I have not taken pain meds in days. Several weeks ago i was taking enough medicine to knock down an elephant.

I cannot thank them enough. Already I feel alive. 

I have to admit, the surgery was a little more painful than expected, but 2 weeks post op I am back at work and feeling pretty good. I am looking forward to a long and productive Spring. I have my life back.

Rosemary Miller

For many months, I had severe pain going down my leg and pain on the right side of my lower back. I had much weakness and was unable to do my daily activities. I was told that I had a herniated disc and also a bone spurs lodged in a nerve in my lower back. I had a Lumbar Partial Discectomy on June 25,2009. The bone spurs were also removed and I was pain free right after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Chunduri and his physician assistant Matt Milam. I also felt that the staff at the Beacon Surgery Center was very caring about all my needs and concerns.


When I went to Dr. Chunduri, I was having severe pain in both of my upper legs to the point that I could not hardly tolerate it. After a couple of visits and a myelogram it was determined that I had a very tight area in my spinal column between L2 and L5. After Dr. Chunduri read the results of the myelogram and determined that this was the cause of the pain in my legs, he recommended surgery and I agreed. I had the surgery and he did a laminectomy and fusion between L2 and L5. I was in the hospital for two days and then I was sent home. My surgery was on May 1st, and I was released from Dr. Chunduri on August 17th. During that time I had physical therapy and I also had exercises to do at home. My surgery was a complete success and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Chunduri if you are contemplating any type of back or spinal surgery. 
Matt, who is Dr. Chunduri's PA is also an excellent individual and a true professional in every way. The team of Dr. Chunduri and Matt is the best professional team for your back and spinal care.

Janice W

I was in a bad automobile accident involving a semi truck. The truck hit me behind the driver seat in a minivan. Since that day, I was in extreme pain. My life changed dramatically I was unable to do normal everyday chores or play with my kids. I was told by the other orthopaedic surgeons that I had a degenerative spine. When I had exhausted my options of therapy, medication, and epidurals,my son referred me to Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at Harrison Avenue office. Dr. Jaideep Chunduri who specializes in the spinal field became my doctor. After the neck and back injuries were diagnosed and treated surgically by Dr. Chunduri, I have been out of pain. I must brag about Dr. Jaideep Chunduri who has helped me tremendously with my upper and lower back problems. I was to the point that I had no life due to the pain but now I am smiling and enjoying life without pain medications and muscle relaxants. Please see your family doctor but I also refer you to Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. The staff and the doctors are wonderful!

Linda Veith

Prior to having my neck surgery in October 2009, I was experiencing pain behind my shoulder blade and pain and tingling down my arm into my little finger. I admit to being terrified the day of my surgery, but when I awoke, I was surprised at how minimal the pain was. Dr. Chunduri assisted by Matt Millam inserted a plate and fused three disks in my neck. The pain and tingling down my arm and into my little finger was gone immediately. The next day I was out walking and I am currently back to doing Jazzercise and I have almost full range of motion back in my neck. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Dr. Chunduri, Matt and their entire staff. Thanks to all of you!!

Robert (Greg) Blackmore

A year ago I had a L4-L5 lumbar fusion performed by Dr. Chunduri. In less than six months I had almost fully recovered and returned to my former lifestyle. Today I am running three to four times a week, I feel great and I am pain free. During my entire experience, I always felt Dr. Chunduri, Matt Milam and the entire Beacon staff had my best interest in mind. They took the time to answer all my questions so I was comfortable with the procedure. They never rushed me into a decision. I have recommended Dr. Chunduri, Matt and Beacon to several people since my surgery, I am that satisfied.


Today marks 6 months since my back surgery -- including fusion and bone graft. Dr. Chunduri, Matt, Michelle and all the Beacon staff are amazing. After years of pain and limitations and three surgery cancellations due to a blood disorder -- I am now pain free and am able to enjoy my life again. I went into surgery with complete trust in Dr. Chunduri and his staff. I have been treated with compassion and care at all times. Whenever anyone mentions orthopaedics -- I say Beacon. When they say back pain -- I say Dr. Chunduri.

Jenna Doerger

There is no way to express my gratitude and respect for Dr. Chunduri. After 10 years of procedures, surgeries and complete disability due to back pain, he accomplished what was seemingly impossible. I had been told by many spine surgeons and even the Cleveland Clinic that there was no way any Doctor would touch my back. That was a year ago. So many times I considered suicide rather than all the horrible pain and Morphine I had been prescribed. I actually lost 5 years of my life under the drugs. Imagine my surprise when Dr. Chundari, very calmly at our first visit, said "I can fix that". I thought I was dreaming. I will never be able to thank him enough for his dedication, encouragement, and successful innovative procedure. His work has given me my life back.

Joyce Schwab

For years I had lower back pain that went down my right leg I had trouble sleeping at night especially on my right side and was up walking around. I went to Dr Chunduri and he told me about a new procedure called an X-STOP spacer for people that didn't need extreme back surgery but could help with the pain and my flexabilty. I had the surgery in March 2009 and I can now bend and do things I haven't been able to do in years. Down time was only two weeks.

Connie Roehm

Dr. Chunduri, 
I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the care I have received before, during and after my spinal surgery. Even though you have a very busy practice, I felt like I was the only patient. I was treated very well and my concerns were addressed. I went into surgery well informed and with total trust in you and your staff.
Thank You for being so kind and compassionate.
Connie Roehm

Dr. IB

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Chunduri, Matt Milam, and surgical team at Beacon for relieving me of excruciating lower back pain through a surgical procedure known as a spine fusion. I also thank my Physical Medicine doctor, who recommended the Beacon Spine Center after treating me with several unsuccessful epidurals all in 2008. Dr. Chunduri performed the surgery in April of 2009 after eight weeks I was back to work free of back pains. I highly recommend Dr. Chunduri, Matt, and the team at Beacon to anyone seeking relief of spine problems involving back pain. The physicians are absolutely wonderful.

Betty Kattelman

One word can sum up my back fusion operation at Beacon - "Perfect". 
Dr. Chunduri, Matt and all their associates, everyone I had contact with at Beacon - my well being was their prime concern. 
Thank you, Dr. Chunduri and all your staff. I am completly pain free.

Ms. Dale Silver

Being an athlete and runner all my life, I was totally unprepared to wake up one Thursday morning in such unbelieveable pain that I couldn't walk. Not having a doctor, I started being treated by a well known orthopaedic surgeon. After 2 months of tests, treatments and misdiagnosis, I was in such excrutiating pain I called Dr. Chunduri for his help. He immediately ran a number of tests and diagnosed both a herniation and bulging disc and opererated on my spine. The operation was successful but, unfortunately, I still had another problem. A couple months later, he perfomed a second surgery which was a total success. With the help of intense therapy, I am almost totally recovered. The experience for me and my family during those seven months with Dr. Chunduri, Matt Milam, the surgery team, the office staff and my therapist (Barb Dunlavy and her team) was wonderful. I am very grateful for Dr. Chunduri's patience and expertise in listening to me and solving my problem. I highly refer Dr. Chunduri and his team to anyone who talks to me about issues concerning their health.

Betsy LaPille

A year ago it was difficult to walk 100 feet with both a back brace and walker. Today I have no pain and can do anything I want. I have had surgery with other Beacon doctors, just as successful. I highly recommend all Beacon doctors whatever their specialty.

Kirsten Klinkenberg

I had fusion on my L4 & 5 a year ago, and i am back to full activity with no pain. Dr. Chunduri and Matt are awesome. I was so scared going into the surgery because you hear such bad stories of back surgery going wrong and everyone said not to do it. I trusted my Dr's and followed their advice. A year later, i am pain free and back to my active lifestyle. Thanks Dr. Churduri and Matt, you ROCK!!!

Deb S.

After 20 years of nursing, I had multiple minor injuries to my back leaving me with pain that kept me from working. My family physician referred me to a surgeon in Georgetown, Ky. He performed surgery which had complications making my pain worse. After multiple physicians unwilling to see me because of the past surgery, I found Dr. Chunduri. He agreed to treat me. Not only had I had the recent surgery but his practice was out of network for my insurance. I received answers on my first visit which I had been seeking for three months. Dr. Chunduri and Matt where very honest. I was worried I would never walk again. The surgery went great. The Dr's not only treated me but also my husband. They knew he was part of the process and never left him out. I felt safe with the choices I had made, because I trusted them. I saw Matt or Dr. Chunduri twice a day every day while I was in the hospital and they also called me at home once I was sent home from the hospital. The office staff was great to work with and answered my questions. I would refer anyone to be treated by this group.

Lauren Phair

I can't begin to thank Dr Chunduri, Matt Milam and the whole team at Beacon for the treatment I received both before, during and after my L-5 S-1 back surgery. I had been to another practice and was told my back & leg pain was something I just had to learn to live with. My sister recommended Dr Chunduri and the Beacon team. I got an appoinmtment within a few days instead of weeks or months. I went the conservative route with epidural shots, p.t. and pain medication. When it became apparent that surgery was the only way I would find relief, Dr Chunduri took the time to explain everything he would be doing and what I should expect afterwards. We had a hefty deductible on our insurance policy so they worked things out that I was able to have the surgery before our renewal date and saved us thousands of dollars. He treated me like a family member. I am 4 1/2 months post-op and while I still have some discomfort, (which they keep telling me is normal!) it is nothing like pre-surgery. Thank you Dr Chunduri, Matt and the whole Beacon team for your giving me my life back! I have already recommended Dr. Chunduri and Beacon to family & friends!